Who We Are

We are a bunch of crazy people each bringing something very unique on the table. We started this company around two years back and are loving every minute being part of a wild adventure. Barking Dog Entertainment isn’t your everyday company.

A team of directors, producers, musicians, artists based out of Mumbai, willing to embark on any adventure that comes our way.

No client is big or small;

We absolutely love our work and are committed towards making your brand a huge success. We're grateful to be part of an industry that gives us the freedom to explore creative work.

Transparency is the key for all partnerships. “We work hard at making every penny of your advertising budget work harder than ever before. For this we pool in all our talent, knowledge and collective wisdom into every job that we do - nothing whatsoever is insignificant or trivial. Each job enjoys our singular, focused and undivided attention, expertise and experience.”


Barking Dog Website


Barking Dog Website

Brand Positioning

What should your brand mean to thosee who matter most? Our brand definition workshops and analysis unlock deeper ideas and possibilities. Clarity of concept focuses the product, people and creatie around a strategy to win hearts and minds.

Barking Dog Website

Audience + Cultural Insight

What is the mindset and motivation your brand will address? Uncovering new opportunities and potential meanings, our research and insights reveal new paths to deeper brand resonance.

Barking Dog Website

Brand Purpose

Why does your brand exist in the world? Today, purpose directly impacts the brands people admire, follow, and buy. Harness the power of purpose-led branding through our collaborative Purpose Workshop & Implementation Planning.

Barking Dog Website

Competitive Analysis

In an ever competitive market, its important to know where we stand amongst our peers and figure out a way to put our best foot forward!